Website Vulnerabilities
Studies have found that about 70% of the websites online are vulnerable. These studies have also found that of all the data breaches, attackers frequently exploit vulnerabilities in the websites to commit data breach.

Website vulnerabilities - Assessment and Remediation

Year after year, studies have found more than 70% of web sites can be hacked. Studies have also found that 56% of breaches took months or longer to discover. That means, if your web site is being hacked right now and data is being compromised, you don't know about it. Businesses cannot afford to compromise data, customer information, employee data or be out of regulatory or industry compliance. The challenges of protecting the web site and the data are daunting and yet the solutions are simple and known.

We will review your web site and web server configurations for vulnerabilities and work with your team to resolve them. Some of the key areas we will review are listed below. Based on our assessment, we will develop a remediation plan. Not all vulnerabilities should be treated the same. Some will need to be addressed immediately while others may be addressed later. We will then work with you and your web team through the process of remediation.

  1. Coding Practices
  2. Website Security Configuration
  3. Password Management
  4. Session Management
  5. Access Management
  6. Sensitive Data Exposure and Leakage
  7. Shopping Cart, if any
  8. Third Party Components

web vulnerability assessment report

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