Compliance- Laws & Standards
Every business, regardless of where it is located, if it owns, uses, stores Personal Information ("PI") of the residents of the State of Massachusetts, are required to by law, to develop and implement a Written Information Security Program (WISP). In addition, businesses may be required to be compliant with Federal regulations, PCI standards, ISO standards, or industry best practices. We help businesses become compliant with requirements of these regulations and/or standards. We also help businesses implement safeguards that protect their sensitive business information.

Written Information Security Program (WISP) Our Unique Approach

Our approach to developing WISP is unique - the key differentiators are:

1. Each program is customized and scoped uniquely for each business
2. The program incorporates all the requirements of Data Security regulations, Industry Standards, and requirements set by Cyber Insurance Underwriters
3. We will perform gap analyses and recommend upgrades to bridge gaps
4. Follow Federal guidelines for data security such as NIST Cyber Security Framework
5. Employee cyber awareness training

There are several components we focus on while developing WISP. Among them the following are key areas that we address developing a robust WISP.

1. Information Security Policies and procedure
2. Vulnerability Assessment
3. Risk Analysis
4. Incidence Response Plan
5. Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity Compliance

Matured organizations have well defined cybersecurity plans and policies established and practiced in their operations. Adaptive organizations review and adjust these plans and policies at regular frequency as their risk factors change. We will help your organization develop cybersecurity program to comply with mandates and best practices.

We will work with your organization to review your current plans and policies and help you write or update to reflect organizational changes, changes in regulations and threat landscape.

NIST CSF Core Functions

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